Friday, March 10 6-9pm

Undoubtedly this will be the biggest event I’ve ever hosted, both politically and socially!

Do you like homegrown, live entertainment? How about free food? Everyone likes free food. There will even be a bar!

While perhaps not the biggest to-do that Coquitlam has ever seen, this will surely be the biggest Green event the Tri-Cities have ever seen! Whether you’re interested in community, politics, or all things Green, if you were thinking about going to any event this year, make it this one!

Yes, politics are the driving force behind this party, but I promise we will keep the banter to a minimum. Most people aren’t terribly interested in hearing politicians ramble on about scandals and statistics, so I’m throwing that crap out the window! Of course, if you ARE interested, the team will be there to hear your thoughts and help you channel that frustration into action.

If you, like me, would rather just get together with your friends and neighbours and listen to local talent strumming out some tunes with a Canadian drink in your hand, then this party is right up your alley!

Join your local Greens at the Nakoma Club, 1137 Kensal Place from 6-9pm this Friday and help us make REAL change for Coquitlam Burke Mountain. The May 9th election is coming up quick, and before you know it we’re going to have an entirely new government in BC. With your help, we can make it more honest, collaborative and inclusive.

Hope to see you there!

This event will be held on traditional, unceded Kwikwetlem territory.

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