It’s been a few days since the kickoff to the campaign here in Coquitlam Burke Mountain, and what a roaring success of a party it was! These Greens really know how to put the Party back in Green!

While my goal for the night had been to break even for the drinks and entertainment, but we blasted FAR past the 350$ mark with well over FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS!! I’m still in shock! We had donations rolling in left, right and center, but most impressive was the youth participation. As a youth advocate for BC, Canada and our planet, it always warms my heart to see fellow youth getting involved at any level of participation, but to see so many donations coming in despite the average Millenial being burdened with 32,000$ of debt really hit home for me. We got rounds of applause for everyone jumping in!

We had folks signing up to volunteer, asking to be part of the mail lists, and all sorts of interest in the short and long-term goals for the Green movement, provincially and otherwise.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped pull this fantastic night together: my husband Rafael for always supporting me and for handling the drinks, my parents and grandparents for coming in with appetizers for an army (not a crumb left!), Joe Keithley for coming and speaking to his past constituents, Sandra Ang for organizing the venue and all my Greens young and old for coming out to help. Of course as well to the Kwikwetlem First Nations for the beautiful land that we live on.

This night really motivated me to hit the campaign trail running; everyone had such kind words and for some reason are all convinced that I’m a natural politician! (Compliment or..?) I’m reminded of how well Joe did in the by-election last year and I am confident that we will be able to keep up the Green momentum, perhaps even land ourselves with another seat in Legislature!

Since this night, I’ve had youth reaching out to find out how to get more involved in politics, both to run for MLA in their own ridings and how to help out on the bigger movement. It really inspires me to see other young people wanting to do more; as my main goal for this election has been to get more youth out to vote, I really feel validated by the excited responses I’ve seen from my fellow Millenials. Take that, voter apathy!

There are only about eight weeks left for the election, but with this surge of young blood rushing into the political sphere, I’m starting to get really excited about the potential turnout for e-day. If nothing else, I will be happy to have drawn greater attention to participatory democracy- we can only make this happen if we’re all getting out to vote, and I’m starting to feel that we’re going to see similar rises in turnout as we did in the federal election in 2015. With any luck, we’re going to see the Green light switch on as the NDP and Liberals unearth scandal after scandal, but regardless you can count on these Greens to keep trucking on, steadfast and true to the values you’ve come to know and love us for.

See you out there!

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