The time has come! After months of planning, I am just one day away from flying to Liverpool for the largest gathering of Greens in the history of the planet!

If you hadn’t heard, the Green Party is the only true international party, and it’s also the fastest growing. We are united by our international, core values and a common goal of keeping our planet safe for the generations to come.

The Global Greens is an organization comprised of continental federations: the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. Each of these bodies are divided by country, and each country gets a select number of delegates who can vote in Congress, which happens every five years.

Canada is sending five delegates, Elizabeth May (of course), Ken Melamed (president of federal council), Jean Rousseau (critic for agriculture), Cherie Wong (YGC co-chair) and myself. Three of us have voting power, and I have been one of the delegates to be chosen!

I’m really excited to have an opportunity for the first time in my life to use all the languages spinning around in my head. Communications within the Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas (FPVA) is primarily in Spanish, but the Brazilian Greens are many in number, so I will get the chance to work with them simultaneously. Then of course there are the Greens from West Africa, the French and the Belgians who speak French, which I’ll admit is a little rusty for me, but I’m excited to get back into the mix of it!

Cherie and I will be posting a great deal on social media in the coming days, so keep an eye on our social media, on Facebook, @younggreenscan on Twitter and @younggreensofcanada on Instagram!

This is a big deal for Greens everywhere, young and old! The need for a strong Green leadership from across the world has never been more evident, and how fortunate for the planet that we’ve got a growing organization already in place.

For more info on Congress, visit the Global Greens website.

Together we are changing the world! <3

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