It’s campaign time folks! Nearly a week in and I’ve had hundreds of flyers delivered, and thanks to the hard work of some committed volunteers, it’s looking like a great start to the election season in Coquitlam Burke Mountain!

With crunch time on, it’s time for local Greens to converge. Click this link here to visit the Facebook event for volunteering. We need all the help we can get, and the team is starting out hard on Monday!

We have three major focuses now that we’re in the writ period:

Flyer Dropping: hit as many houses as you can, dropping flyers in mailboxes
Door-to-door: teams of two; one talking to residents, one taking note
Sign Waving: pump up the public by shaking Green signs on the road side!

We’ll be out on the road for the following days:

April 28 – 10am-8pm: Flyer Dropping
April 30 – 10am-12pm: Flyer Dropping; 4pm-8pm: Door-to-door
May 1 – 4pm-8pm: Flyer Dropping
May 2 – 10am-3pm: Flyer Dropping; 4pm-7pm: Sign Waving
May 3 – 10am-5pm: Flyer Dropping
May 4 – 10am-3pm: Flyer Dropping; 4pm-7pm: Sign Waving
May 5 – 10am-5pm: Flyer Dropping;
May 6 – 5pm-7pm: Flyer Dropping
May 7 – 4pm-8pm: Flyer Dropping
May 8 – 10am-2pm: Flyer Dropping; 4pm-7pm: Sign Waving

If you’re showing up a little late, call in to find where we’re at! 1.604.791.5459

Email to let us know if you can make it 🙂

The Green campaigns are entirely grassroots driven- even a couple of hours one day can make a world of difference <3

Only 1 in 4 Coquitlam citizens vote...

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