It has been quite the interesting election season for the Coquitlam Burke Mountain riding!

Weeks after the election, we still don’t know for certain just who is going to sit as our new MLA, though we can be certain it didn’t turn Green this time.

There has never been a more exciting time or place to be Green than here in BC, and while I would’ve loved to have the opportunity to represent my constituents, I am thrilled with the way the province has currently stacked up this time around.

To the 2,771 people who voted for me and my party:


I am honoured to have had such an incredible and humbling experience speaking with you and helping raise awareness of a new way of doing politics in our great land. I know it has been tough to be Green in the past, and certainly it wasn’t easy with the negative campaigning surrounding the election, but we’ve come out so much stronger than before, and we proved everyone else wrong by not just growing the vote, but also splitting it- on the RIGHT!  We have officially left the “fringe” status and taken on a whole new body of our own; distinct and separate from the other parties around us.

As a young person, it has been very educational learning how the world interacts with itself, in this case through politics, and it has given me all sorts of tools from participating in it.

If nothing else, it has been a delight to meet so many people in our community, and to get to know the world around me. I’ve only lived in Coquitlam for a few years, but I’m really starting to feel like I’m setting down roots here now.

What’s next for this little Green? Well, until the next election rolls around – which may be sooner than we’re expecting – I’ll be working on my own landscape company, making the world a greener place from the ground up! But don’t think that’s it for me, I’m still going out to volunteer with organizations that need an extra hand- especially if it means engaging and inspiring youth to get active and involved in their communities!

(Like these kids from the Youth Leadership Society of BC, eager to see some change!)

Only 1 in 4 Coquitlam citizens vote...

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